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Arnie gets old!


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Reading my paper today i stumbled a cross a picture of the infamous arnie brownschwaargger, he looks old has lost most of his muscles.

Even acuiring a beer belly.



For me arnie has always beeen the man makeing me cheer him on has he kills all the bad guys in the film.



Arnie has had "heart surgery" and even a "hip replacement"


Poor old arnie, i say what the hell!

I will always love the guy im just dissapointed i never ever got to meet him and dont think i ever will.


He is not dead or anything he just looks well past it for any of those bad guy films.


I can not find a pic or i would post soz [magnis you can find it im sure you can ]

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ever see the film, "pumping iron"? it chronicles the mr universe contest, and stars arnold. if so, compare him from what he looked like then, to now. HUGE differance!! :) ofcourse, you have to realize that was like 30 years ago, naturally he looks different. so, i agree with you. but he can still kick butt. hey, he could probably kick both our butts at the same time, and on his worse day too. :D

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Yeah I saw pumping Iron and Arnie was freaking huge back then. All the old school American action heros are elderly now. It pretty much sucks because the new ones just can't cut it next to these guys. eg I just saw Vin diesels new movie last night and WOW it's bloody awful!


Anyway, I am a little bit worried about how Arnie will come across in Terminator 3 this summer. I mean they might have to tone down all his stunts incase he breaks his other hip :)

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whats your fav arine film then? i think mine would have to be total recall, its still great today and no matter what any nerd says u cant work out if its in his head or not!


i also like commando where his nemisis is a pumped up freddy mercury :wink:

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Total recall was real dude [from a post realaty point of view]


As for ma fav arnie film welllllllllllllllllllll.

The running man rings a bell

"Hey chirstmas tree light bulb head" :wink:


I love predator to.


I cant decide i also like collatarol damage.


No i cant go on i wll list for ever


Red sonja...


Must stop. :?

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Guess which film this quote is from.


"Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"


It works on sooo many levels. :lol:


As for favorite Arnie movies...



Total Recall

Conan The Barbarian


True Lies


Least favorite Arnie movie...


the Batman film where he plays Mr Freeze...HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! :? I think the role should have gone to Christopher Loydd who played Doc Brown in Back to the Future. But thats just me. :wink:

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