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CottAGE 1.6


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Erik released a new version of CottAGE (1.6) based on his JEmu work.

It represents all his work since the latest CottAGE 0.11 version.



N.B. The CottAGE versioning will now be in sync with JEmu2 from now on.

This version is extracted from JEmu2 version 1.6.1 (http://www.gagaplay.com), which is an

enhanced version of CottAGE: Much better rendering, better timing, better sound, online high-

scores and more Smile

Some components from JEmu2 were left out (The JEmu2 code itself, the 68k emulator and the CPS1


As of this version, java 1.1 (i.e. The MS VM) will no longer be supported.



* Added emulation of the YM2203 sound chip [Erik Duijs]

* Added a sample player [Erik Duijs]

* Fixed R register emulation of the Z80 cpu (this fixed arkanoid) [Erik Duijs]

* Changed the sound implementation. It´s now javax.sound only, which means that JEF is now

not compatible with java 1.1 anymore, but it´s only 1.3 and up. The new sound implementation

moved the sound thread to the main thread and updates once a frame. This solved the

infamous timing errors. [Erik Duijs]

* Abstracted the memory mapping, and added a few alternative implementations. [Erik Duijs]

* Added support for online high scores [Erik Duijs]

* Many changes and fixes from the last few years I forgot to document Smile [Erik Duijs]



* Fixed the arkanoid driver [Erik Duijs]

* Fixed the gng driver [Erik Duijs]

* Added sound to Commando, 1942, 1943, Gun Smoke, Bomb Jack, Arkanoid, and Ghosts ´n Goblins

[Erik Duijs]

* Fixed the M62 Driver [Erik Duijs]

* Many changes and fixes from the last few years I forgot to document Smile [Erik Duijs]



* The new sound implementation depends on precise timing, which is very difficult (if not

impossible) to do with a pre 1.5 version of java. Sometimes this leads to audible pops and

clicks, due to buffer underruns.

* TODO:Add support for high precision timers of 1.5 and the unofficial 1.4 high precision timer.

* For some reason, zoomed display modes have become extremely slow.

»» Homepage


Thanks to AEP-Emu for the news.

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