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I am not sure if anyone noticed it or not.. but there was a major security problem I forgot to fix when I changed servers.

As most of you remember the link to the forum use to be:


Later on I changed the link to /phpBB2/ but the /forum/ link would automatically redirect to it.

When I changed servers.. it accidently copied the old file set for phpBB on to


so if you would go on: [url=""][/url]

You would get a different looking forum then:


Luckily I was able to fix the problem fast and easy. However it seems that everyone was using the new link, thankfully. But if any unknown person found this problem before I did.. it could be disaster. I mean.. you wouldn't even need to be a hacker, but since the files are so different.. it would just alter the database right when you go to the other link.

Now when you click that old link.. it will just popup the redirect screen. :)
And most of all... there should never be any problems like this coming up, now that we have prevented it.

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in the update of the PHP it makes you delete the important files before you can activate your boards.

PM sent gc.

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