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Official DSEmu Update!

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DSEmu (Nintendo DS) has been updated. The current codebase has some sort of sound support as well as fixes some bugs.


Wednesday, 26th October 2005


    Since I've pushed ahead of what DSemu used to have, I thought why not go the whole hog; why not make a start on sound? And so I did make a start. I've had to pick SDL with the mixer extension as the sound library I'll be using, since it's probably the best of the cross-platform libs out there.


    However, it's currently in the process of giving me immense pain. I've been able to generate some kind of square wave from DMG channel 2, but outputting it causes SDL to overlap itself or something silly, which means double free()s, segmentation faults, all sorts of fun stuff. And I've no idea why it's doing what it's doing.


    Therefore, I've thrown the towel in on sound for now. Instead, in a few days perhaps, I'll start looking into the DS side of things, and perhaps making a start on the ARM9.


    As mentioned on the forums, I've also fixed a bug that caused MMIO registers to be byte-flipped twice on big-endian machines, rendering the register useless. You can get the current code at the link below.

»» Homepage

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