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PAMOD 1.0 Released!

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So, what is it you ask? Well its a lightweight and simple, yet fully customizable MOD player. Featuring skinsupport, so that you can make your own 100% custom MOD player! All your friends will be jealous as hell... thats guaranteed!


I wrote a pretty big readme that i hope you all read before you try it out, as it tells you all there is to know about operation. The skin configfile also has explanations on how the commands work.


Since this beauty doesnt work in emu (GBFS, that bastard!) i have no awesome pixel perfect screens to show off. Instead however, i took one with my digicam, it doesnt really do it justice, but hey, it'll do...



# Plays good ol' MODs!

# Custom skin support

# Very easy to manage files


Too-do List:

[] Smoother fadein at boot.

[] Smooth scrolling when holding down up/down on the pad.

[] Use custom fontmap (if VRAM allows it.)

[] Fix sscanf parserbug and make a bit more dynamic parsercode.

[] Add more options too the configfile

[] Add support for.raw in filesystem (?)



»» Homepage

»» Download


*Apologies for the late news. :D

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