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IO Error on Chankast...

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The image is busted.


Ah, ok, thanks for your reply.

But exactly, what it means?




I explain better my situation. I have not selfbootable but working games, and I want them all selfbootable.

After I've done the selfboot process, chanka gives me that error.

Input/Output Control error. Chankast can not read from the image and write to memory for whatever reason.

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All right,

so, do you have any theory to make my selfboot isos working?

Do you know how to use properly dreamboot or selfbbot programs?

I really don't know why they don't give me any errors during the selfboot process, but chancast cannot read the isos i've made.

Hope there is anybody can explain this...

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Quite honestly, I haven't used any of those programs nor I do I own a Dreamcast nor have I ever made my own CD images. I simply get my games from the internet. Already selfboot, and they will boot in Chankast, but not necessarily work right.

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