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PA_lib Updates

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PA_lib is a Nintendo DS library using Libnds especially designed for easy use. No need to know much about the DS hardware, just use the prebuilt functions to set up sprites, backgrounds, use the stylus and pad, etc..




- Fixed the speed problem

- Fixed another problem in the sound init

- Adapted the makefile, now just put the mod in the data directory, and put #include modfile.h"

- Fixed upper/lower case problems for linux systems


The downloads have been totally migrated to sourceforge, in 3 packages :

- Examples... (zip)

- PAlib without the examples, a bit smaller (zip)

- Complete package (will include examples and the doc when I update it), in 7z format, though, to take up less space. I'll add a documentation package next time I update it




- Library (when compiled) and rom sizes reduced by 150kb

- Optimised the Astar memory usage, now has an init function...

- Added a function to load mod files from GBFS (too large files will kill your DS, though, as it copies them into RAM)

- Added a LargeMap Ex function, in which you chose the tileset size

»» Sourceforge Project Page

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