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Problem with ZSNES video modes

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I'm using the latest ZSNES VPRE 1.43 OCT 8


The problem is when I configure the video mode to 512x448 DR W at 32bit, the whole emulator shrinks half the size to the left and the colors get totally screwed up.


I have to change the windows configuration back to 16bit for it to work perfectly.


Note that this only happens in DR W not in R W.




ps: this is the best option for a crappy pc like mine as there are some extra video enhancement.

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Read the documentation that comes with the latest official release. I believe that the problem you have is covered there. Why not use 640x480 DR? Or does your computer just suck big time?

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Well you can and I just realized that interpolation doesn't affect anything having the emulator in DS or DR mode at 32 bit.

If I change the resolution any higher than 512 DR or DS at 32bit, the screen becomes black. This is what it looks like at 512 DR 32 bit. Of course, everything works normal at any resolution at 16bit. Documentation didn't help at all as I wasn't sure what to look for.


In summary, forget about 32bit and use 16bit.



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From the ZSNES Docs:


# Q: Why am I seeing double, with strange colors?

# A: You need to update your video card drivers. If that's not possible, either switch to 16bit color depth or use fullscreen video mode

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