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Nintendogs Save Game Editor

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The folks over at [AiboHack] have released a "trainer" of sorts for Nintendogs. You run this off a FlashMe/PassMe/WifiMe-enabled DS and edit the save of the game. It is verified (by myself) to not brick your DS.


# Backup entire game state SRAM (GBA Cart with SRAM required) to save on your PC

# Restore entire game state

# Import a dog from a friend's cartridge. Unlike "Bark Mode" this gives you a complete clone of your friend's dog without harming the original.


# Easily add money or trainer points (become a stinking rich "Dog Master" in seconds)

# Quicky switch the room style (for free, no waiting for the interior designer)

# Reports number of items you've found, and how many you are missing

# Easily add all the objects (toys, sports items, care items, music, etc). 100 total.

# Easily add all the accessories. 60 total (including all the strange hats and collars)

# Easily add all the room styles (9 of them) and clocks (8 of them). Room styles come pre-paid.

# Easily add all the puppy breeds (20 regular ones)

# NOTE: All objects/items available with any version of Nintendogs Cartridge.


# Tweek the attributes of any of your dogs:

# Breed - change the breed to any of the 20 available breeds (and two special Japanese breeds)

# Gender - quick sex-change

# Color - change color (depends on breed)

# Size - make dogs larger or smaller (or invisible or outrageously big)

# NOTE: you can edit any of your dogs (active or in hotel, max of :(

# Advanced: tweek the learned tricks. Replace and existing voice command with another trick (including tricks you normally can't train the dog to do)

# Advanced: wipe a cartidge so you can start over (back to knocking on the door)

»» Homepage/Download

»» Credit: Drunken Coders

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