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Nintendo DS Sampling Keyboard

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Ever since I saw Ferris Bueller's day off  I wanted to have a sampling keyboard, but these things were always too expensive for me. So, as a first coding experiment with my Nintendo DS, I coded a software sampling keyboard that uses the DS's microphone and touchscreen. It's still pretty basic, but I think it's already quite funny to use. So, feel free to try it out and please give me bug reports and feature requests.


Known Issues


    * The quality of the recording is rather poor. This is because the microphone is not completely figured out yet. The current quality is the best we can do by now.

    * The recording does not start instantly, but is delayed for about half a second. This is due to problems with the microphone level at the beginning of the recording whoch would produce a nasty click at the beginning. So I decided to leave it out.

    * The pen handling needs improvement. Sorry, I have not looked into methods for improving the pen accuracy yet.

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