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Affiliate News: EmuNext.Net Updates!

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EmuNext has gone through many changes in the past 4 months. and we had wanted to establish emunext to be more useful in a user matter, and also more open for people who visit. Here are the features that EmuNext supports and and some other great features to expect. :o




Features Supported

- Mobile news - (beta stages) reaching final stage within a few more days.

- Multi Personal Pagination Support - for all registered members. Also a directory for Personal Page viewing such and other nice additional features. example.. ( Rating, Comments..)

- Multi Forum System - Which is powered by PhPbb, it allows Registered users to create their own Message Board, With technical Support if they wish their forum to be converted to ipb, phpbb or smf. and weekly backups. or if they want there forum to be removed.

- Most Downloaded - Something i feel that is pretty interesting and for those who in a sense of which emu seems to be the most popular at this point and would like to try out. this comes in handy.

- Server status - Gives information about the site's space, bandwidth, uptimes and downtimes and much more.

- TS-Viewer - Team Speak viewer. in which you can view specific information about teamspeak. such as how many users appear to be in your radio show or on air.

- Site statistics - Gives out specific details on how many users have visited with a description displaying information such as a Bar Graph, Graph circle and different shades of color which had been developed by a friend in our community named DJBaby.

- RSS Parsing and Feeds - Which gives out feeds of news, downloads and articles. The Parser mainly grabs feeds from sites that support Rss.php or XML. and can be custom edited to change how many to display at any time.

- Newsletter - Users have the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe from specific announcements or latest tool releases additionally from emunext.

- Music Player - Not much as of a feature. but its a nice and basic tool i made for listening to music while viewing things online. (may get replaced by a better software)

- Affiliate Status - Pretty convenient is allows for all affiliates to view their affiliate information such as hit counts and visits.

- Theme - EmuNext 2.0 had been designed by a professional. it allows to handle more contant. heavy css added and javascript clock and date to display more information. EmuNext - Classic carried only 70 lines of css whilest the 2.0 design aka satellite carries over 100 lines of css.

- IRC Discussion - EmuNext official Irc channel now accessible on emunext without the use of having irc (internet Relay Chat).


Upcoming features to expect soon...

- Mobile News release 0.02 - Which wil display in a headline date time format and screenshot viewing.

- News 2.0 - A new way of viewing news. As well as a feature to switch back at anytime.

- Named Removed* - A software capable of playing games created specifically by emunext with online compatibility. More details about this will be released within a short time.


»» http://www.emunext.net

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