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Gameboy Micro set for $99 USD


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According to Reuters, the GBM will retail in the United States for $99.  Thanks Michael McGuire.


There have been many arguments against the Game Boy Micro’s existence: the screen is too small, it’s unnecessary, the technology’s dated, and so on and so forth.  Then again, many thought that the Nintendo DS was suicide for the company, so I guess it could go either way.  We’ll find out soon enough, as Nintendo has announced that its third iteration of the Game Boy Advance is set to hit store shelves in just over a month, on September 19.  However, no price point has been mentioned, but hopefully it is right around the price of the current GBA model, which is $80 at GameStop.  It could go higher, but if it gets near the range of the Nintendo DS’s $120, this little guy may never make the cut.

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