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Need help remembering vintage game's name

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I've been trying to collect all the earliest games I played as a kid and all the emulators for them. I found most of the old pc and apple games I had as a kid, but am having trouble finding one particular Apple II game and was hoping someone else might remember the name so I can find it easier. The gameplay was a doctor running around inside a computer, pushing together computer pieces (square microchip like things) to make more complex pieces, and then assembling those to build a computer to pass each level. There may have also been viruses or something running about that you had to squich between blocks Pengo-style. But I may just have that part confused with other games.

It was a later game. Had good color and graphics. I played on an Apple II or II/E in school along with that classic Oregon Trail and Alice in Wonderland(probably around '88 but game is probably older). The game may have been on other systems as well, likely the amiga or commodore. Sound familiar to anyone?

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