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I Screwed my Computer up the @$$

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Well, it all started when my fan started running at high speed during high cpu intake. Then I contacted my PC manufacturer and then told me to update the BIOS. After that I couldn't even run DVDShrink, WINRAR or RPGMaker for over 10 minutes without the fan revving up. I decided to see if I could restore my default bios by using the computer's system recovery program but unfortunately, I didn't realize that system recover meant hard drive reformat. Now I have two owwies. After the system recovery I lost my program settings but the programs I install prior to the recovery are still there. Also I still have the same amount of space as before. I thought that I could still be able to recover my data so I contacted HP again and they told me it was unaccessible but the data is still physically present since I didn't do a complete hard drive format.


So, does anyone know how I would be able to retrieve this missing stuff?


Sexually yours, NeoMaster.

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Get ahold of a tool for recovering data. I have had some success using the "Tuneup Undelete" tool in Tuneup Utilities 2004, but there are others out there. Just make sure of one thing, DO NOT write any more data to that disk as of NOW. Tools will find records of old files, but if enough byte signatures are lost.........so is the whole file.

So stop whatever you're doing, close every running program you can and get ahold of a data recovery program.

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New revelation!


I knew it! My files are still on my HD intact. Since I didn't do a complete reformat only my program registrys got reset. I know where the files are but I can't get access to them.


It's in C:/USERDATA but it won't let me in giving me a error saying "access denied"


Any help?


EDIT: NEVERMIND! I haxxored it and now I'm backkkkk!!



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