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Lunar-Silver star and eternal blue

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Both are excellent. Seriously. The PSX remake of Eternal Blue is loads better than the original, while the remake of Silver Star Story is considered somewhat inferior to te original... nevertheless, I have both the remakes on the PSX and the originals on Sega CD.


Remakes have better music, graphics and excellent FMV sequences + the remake of Silver Star Story comes with an extra "Making of" disc.


I can say that the reason why the original Eternal Blue is weaker than the remake is the fact that it has random battles that happen too often (as opposed to visible enemies), and the save feature sucks big time.


In terms of emulation, you should forget about the Saturn version. There are very good Sega CD emulators out there, but you might end up having troubles with those images because of separate CDDA tracks. ePSXe plays both games pretty well, although Silver Star Story requires some tweaking.

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