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Sloly Neo cream returns


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Ok here is what i have gathered about the pictures not showing.

When i uploade all my pics and the index.html [main]

The pics do not show because the links are not correct, so i i uploade my pictures first to the ftp and say the adress is this java script:top.select_file(10); of the picture, when i am editing my site in dreamweaver i have to somehow make that link go were the picure should be?????



Please help me if you can guys i have no idea...

If this is how you do it please tell because i think its stupid there has to be an easey way or something.

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Have a look at the source code you have uploaded for index.html!

For example :



You will need to make sure that the source of the images is either

relative (dig_temp2_01.jpg) or absolute



Once you've done that, everything should work as intended.


I have no idea what the guy is talking about.

Do you?

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it looks like you need to change all the links to the images before they will show correctly. in the post above, is that what a tech told you was the problem? if so, he is saying that you have the images linked to your desktop, or the desktop of the guy who made the template...same differance. to fix it, you need to go back to the template and change each link, like so :


FROM : file:///C/Documents%20and%20Settings/debbies/Desktop/e/images/dig_temp2_01.jpg


TO : http://members.lycos.co.uk/neocream/dig_temp2_01.jpg


with the address written the way it is above, the images are located in the same directory as the "index.html" should be. if you have anymore questions, just ask. :D

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You never fail to impress me with your knowledge dude.


Unfortuneatly i am unsure were to paste the link.

I am really confused m8, i know what you are saying thogh it is like us linking to offsite urls and bang we have them as avatrs.

What i do not understand is, were in dreamweaver do i past the link for it

im so confused m8...

Im just messing it all up.


Im screwed.

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on my last vain attempt i did it...i think...

Would you be a star and check if you can see any pictures for me?

If you can see some pictures your email will be flooded with reviews! :D:lol:


Btw [lol] can you send me the link of my old forums if you still have it?

I had to do a system restore and i lost a lot of my links..

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