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Dreamweavers kicking my ass


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How the hell do you set your hompage?

Whta i mean is, when the time come to upload it to a server, how does the server know what my hompage is?


Also, when i want to save a template, it saves and tells me i can not edit the contents of the page, wy the hell is such a retarded "force law"

in this software.

so i need to nkow if you wouldent mind.


Were do i set my hompage within dreamweaver.


How when i am happy with a template how do i keep it, but keep it editabile. :):D:D

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i guess you mean your "main" page, when you say homepage? you should save it as "index.html" and when you upload it to the server, you always put it into the main directory, meaning...do not put it into a folder of its own. for all the other pages of your website, they would get their own personal directory of folder named the same as the page. for example..."roms.html" would get put into the "roms" folder.


as for keeping it editable, idunno. i dont remember much about dreamweaver to be sure.

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Got ya buddy.

I knew it was something like that...

My site is looking really good dude, i used a template you sent me as well.

Oh well i should be ready for an uploade in about 23 years hehe.

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No problem m8.

Get this, i had to edit the link buttons, and apply text to them manualy, kinda like useing graphics SkIlZ :lol:

The only trouble i am having at the mo really is, the uploade how to do it[i cant find my servers FTP anyware.

Also when i apply a link to my pages, and preview in the browser, instead of been linked to a page i get taken to a downloade :?:D

When i get these problems sorted out i will be ready to go, im learning it all by myself so..........

Get ready for a bumpy ride eithier ways...

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