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Rice Video Plugin 6.1.1 Beta 10 Released

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Rice Video plugin is a N64 emulator GPU plugin.


  • Display initialization messages to tell the status of texture file searching progress
  • Won't remember the texture dump option value anymore. This option will be disabled when the plugin is loaded. In order to use the texture dump feature, you have to manually turn it on every time after you restart the emulator. This prevents the texture dump option is accidentally left on.
  • Fix the graphic tearing problem at Super Mario head (This is a general bug in many games) and related polygon depth bias problems.
  • Textures are now dumpped into subfolders and texture dump will also check into the subfolders.
  • Using sorted list to manage the texture info, and using binary search to speed up texture checking/loading process. This should speed up the game when texture dump is enabled, also speed up hires texture loading a little bit.
  • Palette CRC calculation is only up to the maximum palette values really used by a texture. This will reduce the duplicated texture dump for different palette CRC values.
  • Other extra checking to reduce duplicated texture dump
  • For Mario Kart. You want to enable the option "Fast loading tiles". The new beta will give you much better texture dump for this game because of new implementation and extra check on texture size for this game. For most textures used by this game, you can have them dumped in complete textures instead of broken sub-textures.

» Rice Video Plugin homepage.

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