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optimizing ZSNES smoothly on Via C3

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any pointers here? I'm running Gentoo Linux, hope someone knows some dirty secret to making it run faster, because all the games are running smoothly only at 256x224. And that's with no 2xSAI, either.

I thought that since I enabled opengl acceleration on my integrated S3 ProSavage, it might run a little faster. Yeah right. The graphics accelerator runs it a few fps slower in OpenGL mode than the VIA C3 in software mode.

VIA C3 933MHz

S3 Prosavage DDR

Xorg DRI build

Mesa 6.3....

Edit: HEY what's with my HP....MP????

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Why are you using such a low resolution to begin with? There's really no upper hand in running ZSNES using SNES' native resolution; nor does the feeling of "authenticity" degrade when you're using, let's say 640x480.

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Is the VIA C3 the Mini-ITX board?


And the S3's have a miserable chipset. Don't burden it with stuff like OpenGL if you don't have to. :( Seriously though, unless ZSNES for linux specifically uses OpenGL, it shouldn't make a significant difference.


What version of ZSNES are you running?

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Hey, ZSNES 1.4 didn't compile for me. sniff. 1.36 is running, oh well. Sorry to say this, though, but I got fed up, nuked my stage 1 Gentoo install, and made do with WinXP. At the same settings, it runs at full speed, as opposed to 40fps on the Linux version.On linux, it didn't run smoothly at all except for 256x224, that's why I was using that :rolleyes:

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