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Good Merge annoying stuff

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i dol a romset which has a romset with all the files in rar archives and this goodmerge proggie, so i run it to conveert the files into zip format and get the following error


GoodMerge 3.1.1779.33043 - 12/12/2004 01:44:22 a.m.

SNES 2.01 - Using a maximum of 398MB RAM.



Decompressing… Done.



Error: No ROMs found matching "Vortex (E) [!].*"


but i have the fraling file, besides the thingie stops here and does nothing and no rom is converted





Nevermind i was selecting the wrong file format, the source files were in 7zip ofrmat and not in rar :lol:

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oh gr8, biw u an getting this



Error: External (Command line -- C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7za.exe a -bd -tzip -mx=9 -mfb=128 -w"C:\Snes\GoodMerge_Binary_3.1.1779.33043" "C:\Snes2\Space Megaforce.zip" @"C:\Snes\GoodMerge_Binary_3.1.1779.33043\~gmlst~")



7-Zip (A) 3.12 Copyright © 1999-2003 Igor Pavlov 2003-12-10



Creating archive C:\Snes2\Space Megaforce.zip




System error:

The parameter is incorrect.

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