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AppleWin Updated


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AppleWin, an Apple //e emulator for Windows was updated today! Below are a list of the changes in this version.


- Added emulator save-state (Save=F11, Load=Ctrl+F12).

- Added Volume control for Speaker & Mockingboard.

- Added control for keyboard buffer.

- Added Save State page.

- Changed Configuration Dialog to Property Sheet Pages.

- Fixed problem with jerky graphics when in mixed HGR/TEXT (Olympic Decathlon).

- Fixed sudden burst of 'full speed' after unpausing.

- Fixed joystick emulation problem (Championship Lode Runner & Boulderdash).

- Fixed FLASH problem when nothing changing on TEXT screen.

- Fixed problem with internal 6502 emu's SBC opcode when in BCD mode (Dino Eggs).

- Fixed Pro Mockingboard compatiblity problem (Pro-MB accesses are now ignored).

- Official Homepage

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