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Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories (USA)

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Personaly, I didn't like it too much, I loved kingdom hearts on PS2  I even beat sephiroth (he looks..so...awesome..)


But this, eurgh, I can't stand it, Square just blow at GBA it's official.

You just need to get used to the card system. Once you get the hang of what cards are good and customize your deck, it's a lot of fun to play.


Now, I just beat Riku in this game (third form I believe) and he was flocking on mating mode! He's such a cheap SOB that I nearly threw my GBA at the wall. He was such a punk on the first two fights but then he goes into monkey mode and kills the crap out of you. I was so relieved after I beat him and thank god I'm not at the mental hospital.

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like everyone said, the card system sux but the PS2 version is still great

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