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How to export sound from roms?

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I've been listening to some neo-geo bgm the other day with neojuke, and I was wondering if there are any ways to export the sounds into a seperate sound file.


I heard it can be done with recording programs like record wizard, but I personally want to just extract the sound from the rom..if it is possible.


Any possible tools/ways I can do this?

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The Phantom,Nov 20 2004, 08:41 PM]
You can also use Universe BIOS and go to the Jukebox Player there. just select a soundcode, start it and record to WAV.


You mean, use the sound recorder in Windows to record, right? Well, I tried that using Neojuke with the universe bios, and it recorded nothing... :naughty:


No no.... Most Neo-Geo emulators (actually all of them I think) have an option to log the current sound output to a WAV. You don't need to use any other recording software.


Of course you might want to convert the WAV to an MP3 or similar later.

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