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  1. The best place to get a good iso is from your ps2 dvd in your dvd drive. You can use nearly any cd burning software to simply, easily, and quickly make an iso. Why you would want to do this is beyond me, since your playstation 2 is much better at running these games than your ghetto pc that can possibly run ps2 games at.01 fps. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what I never mention playin ISO on my PC....all I wanted is a better place then ****** to get the iso....all 3 iso I got from ******* wasnt workin... and to J20 stop tryin to E-thug we all know niggas like you in real life probably got no life all u do is plays games never had a girlfriend n thats why whenever someone ask a simple question you bash them cause it makes you feel good...
  2. I have dled 3 ISO from ****** and when I burn them they suck...I tried burnin the ISO with all speed but loading takes to long to load or doesnt even load....so im guessing the ISO just sux...anyone got some good places to find better ISO
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