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  1. ups, sorry, I´ll delete it... actually, I tried it once again in the PC and it worked fine, so I thought it was the psx...but then I tried it again there, and it worked perfectly :S:S must have been that the CD was dusty or something, i don´t know...thanks everyone for the help anyway
  2. I´ve got the trial version I think oh, and thinking back, I had some sound issues with Darkstalkers too (btw, the 3° one is waaaaaaaaay better than the 1° )
  3. normal chiped PS2, never had any problem with any game ´cept a few moved screams in PS2 games
  4. Hi, this is my first time posting! I just downloaded and burned RE3: Nemesis to play in my PS2, but I have some sound problems, specially on the opening video thing, with the moving cartony images and stuff... basically, the sound goes off after a certain point and stays off for the rest of the video, til another one (or the game itself) starts.... I tried the ISO in a emulator and it worked fine, so it isn´t the file I don´t really care about that problem, I just don´t want to have audio problems ahead in the game, specially without a subtitles option so, I burned it with Alcohol 120% and it went alright, in RAW-DAO at 8x...now, do you think not cheking the subchannels options may have had something to do with that, and that it may solve the problem if I burn another copy with it turned one? what else can I do? please help me solve this, and thanks in advance
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