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  1. dang... hopefully I'll find em but a good mame on 360 would be out by that time I bet
  2. sadly I've done attempted finding fully decrypted versions the only decrypted version of Metal slug 4 I have currently is MS4 Plus, which I'd much much rather have original style MS4 cuz the sound and video files are decrypted, just the only decrypted program files I have for MS4 are the plus versions *insert tear* no huge biggy I suppose if I cant get it normal I guess
  3. erm my bad well is there any tools that could decrypt 263-p1.bin and 263-p2.bin then?
  4. well I got mslug 4 and mslug5 working on Kawa-X but mslug4 is ms4plus does anybody have a *BLAH*?
  5. found a mslug5 topic but links are dead I will try out FBA-XXX and edit with my results edit - well FBA-XXX says I need decrypted m1 n stuff, anybody know where I could just get the roms then, I coiuld decrypt he mslug4 C's, just not anything else
  6. I been stumped and lost like crazy and attempting to get MS4 and MS5 running on Kawa-X (I beleive Kawa-X SE since it WILL see MS4 and MS5) I would like to know if there's any place I could get the roms I need to get those games running just some ready to run solution already zipped up n all, or just teh files that I'd have to replace maybe any help would be fine, thanx
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