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  1. I had a few responses typed out, but I couldn't bring myself to hitting "Post."


    I have my opinions, but I don't feel comfortable bashing/criticizing the website I loved for so long, even if it isn't the same as it was a few years ago.

    That reminds me the french website 'gueux' - 'gx-mod.com' it was the French xbox reference. After a slump on xbox related news in 2007, all efforts were concentrated on the new 360 and ps3. Madmab and other port were overlooked and not published, despite requests - there have been arguments with some moderator of the Sony Side who acted as cops validators. When a smart moderator deigned to take things in hand it was too late. Lot of goodwill was vanished. interest remains with only a handful of people. Rest is history.

  2. are there different versions of SDK?

    Last SDK out there :



    			  .						   .
    			  :						   :
    		  ____|_ __ ______________________|_____
      _ ___ _____\	 /  /	 /\___	/   \	/   /_____ _
       _ _____/			 // __	 \			\___ _____ _
    	\		 |						   |		   /
    	 )		:						   |		  (
       _/		 '						   '		   \_
     __ __\												   /__ __
    _\/__			XBOX.XDK.5933.UNOFFICIAL-WAM				_\/_
    \/\  /______________ ___ _		   _ ___ ________________\  /\/
    \/													   \/
    	Company........:Microsoft  File Count.:40X15MB
    	Released..:March,22 2005   Media Type.....:N/A
    	Origin..............:N/A   Media Type.....:N/A
    	Language.:En/De/Fr/It/Sp   Genre.......:Development
    __				  _________  /		/				 __
    ___\/_ ________________\________\/________/________________ _\/___
    \  /\/				R E L E A S E  I N F O				\/\  /
    				   /		 /\________\
      WAM is proud to present XBOX XDK 5933. Digital signatures removed
      to protect the guilty.  This release is for all the great xbox homebrew
      developers out there. WAM loves you all !!
      So Whats this? a new xdk? but microsoft said 5849 was the last one..
      Well they straight out lied. This xdk was produced for Microsoft's
      in house developers (Think Halo 2). What they tweaked is unknown
      but rest assured it must be good.
      -We've included the remote recovery exe for those
      who have an official debug kit.
      If you have a retail modded xbox do not use the remote
      recovery executable. it can and will flash your bios, overwrite your
      harddrive, and blank your eeprom. Unless of course you know what your doing.
      do not blame us if you hose your xbox!
      Greets to the individuals who made this release possible.
    __				  _________  /		/				 __
    ___\/_ ________________\________\/________/________________ _\/___
    \  /\/				  G R O U P  I N F O				  \/\  /
    				   /		 /\________\
    		Dont find us, we'll find you.
    __				  _________  /		/				 __
    ___\/_ ________________\________\/________/________________ _\/___
    \  /\/					  G R E E T Z					 \/\  /
    				   /		 /\________\
    				 BAM - WpR - WjR


    Previous one : XBOX.XDK.5849.16-WAM

    Best is to setup a virtualbox xp image with Visual Studio 2003.

    Good time to dig an old Kenshiro's post, back from 2008 for people who were interested to compile 'FBA-XXX Pro' at that time and how to set stuff needed.

    Here's a small description :

    - First install Visual Studio.net 2003 (which takes ages lol).

    - Then you have to install the XDK, and perform a full installation on the set up wizard (if Visual STudio is not installated, you can only perform a normal installation, watch out!)

    - Now you have to download NASM (available on Sourceforg.net) and put the executable "nasmw.exe" in WINDOWS\system32


    - Download latest FBA-XXX Pro source, and launch fba.sln which is in FBA-XXX root directory. That will launch Visual Studio, on the bottom click on "Build" and then "Build Solution". A bit less than 5 minutes, you will find default.xbe in the directory named "old".


    Hope it will help

    And i wish you great courage and perseverance if you are willing to do this.
  3. I guess I just don't understand why you would need the resistors in the first place.


    The way this works is that you are creating a bridge between an XBOX controller and, for example, a NES pad. If you break it down, its basically a wire bridge to each button: XBOX 'A' – WIRE (via DB-15) – NES 'A'


    There is no 'power' from the NES pad, so I'm not sure how anything could be burned out. However, I'm not an expert with electronics or anything, so maybe I'm missing something. :)

    Of course there's no power from external pad, it's just the tension going trough resistor when you close circuit this way,

    You can check yourself the resistance between the indicated solder point and ground on the gamepad board...

    If you are still undecided, just don't do it. :)

  4. Hi, so what is the value of the resistor to use and where does it go? I read over the posts, but its not 100% clear. (Or I'm not noticing at least) :)



    It's on Spinal's scheme from my above post, when taking signal from pointed area,

    use 6x 4.7K resistor for A - B - X - Y - WHITE - BLACK

    and 4x 33 Ohm for U - D - L - R direction button,

    Leaving BACK and START as it is (direct GND contact)


    I glued those resistor within the DB-15/25 socket.

  5. maybe this could be done as an Xtras project? i figure, configs for people who use Saturn Pads, Arcade Sticks, Xbox controllers, and the SF Anniversary controllers could all be supported, and via batch could be swapped.

    I was thinking about a computer FBA dat application based to produce ini on the fly, but as stated,

    Each configuration contains a different number of buttons supported by the specific game...puzzle

  6. I modded a lot of controllers using this method - NES, SNES, Genesis, 2600, 5200*, etc. Instead of VGA cable, I used a DB-15 or DB-25 cable. Modern VGA cables no longer have the necessary number of wires. I'm confused why you had to use a resistor. Is this something specific to using it witha jamma board? I never had any problems and I never included a resistor in my setup.

    Hi Phil, eager to see your mod, for the resistor, even if it works without it, since i've had severa MIA hacked controller i prefer to keep them safe, it 's cheap enough and not restrictive to add, now i was'nt that clear.


    You can verify this measure with a ohmeter between the ground and the point, the exact resistance is no more when your circuit make contact (button pressed) you will have full tension value that's why i put a resistor to compensate

  7. you can avoid some burned controller due to previous test without those resistor (or messy ground feedback in a cab)

    I'm not sure what this means. I also have the old fat "Duke" controllers. Do I have to do something more than solder to the points you show?

    just advise to put those 4.7k and 33 Ohm Resistors in serie between your button mechanism and the ground feedback, this way you will keep

    the voltage correct, the way it was on the 'duke' when button pushed.

    As far as the points you are hitting, are they the same as the alternative points shown here:

    http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagr...ox_diagram2.jpg ?

    seems to be the same, i did not use TP20 (left analog stick click)

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