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  1. Kayouu

    DS2Key 0.4

    dont think it worked for me when i changed the IP of the DS lemme check agian...
  2. Kayouu

    DS2Key 0.4

    I agree with the button ideas but i really dont care atm ive been waiting for this for a while now... Going to test it here soon after i remove linux and put win back on my PC thanks for the quick release!!
  3. If you need any help from me I'm great to help me lots of free time... anyway hit me up if I could help in anyway.
  4. Why does no one else get any AP when they search with the GBAMP... I do on mine but like I said at first it seems that I get none but I keep scrolling down and there at the bottom why does this only happen for meare you other GBAMP users advanced or beginners on homebrew stuff....
  5. what if I could maybe put the correctely moddified sav file on a GBA cart... maybe load with the GBAMP and then put in the normal gba card in that has the sav on it think that might work. just a thought...
  6. No because when I tried any IP for the IP, anything besides would only show that repeated on the screen when I tried to connect with it.
  7. What r u using to boot it up and did you try to scroll with the touch screen and buttons cause both work for scrolling down and i just keep scrolling down for a little while and there at the bottom instead of the top dunno whats with that but... thats how it is on my gbamp.
  8. I have a GBAMPv2 and I've used all the other DS2KEYS have to say freakin' SWEET!!! Anyway so this version seems to load up fine and all but as everyone seems to be saying when you search for an AP you get nothing... Which is infact Wrong totally if you scroll down on the screen and keep going access points actually show up. When you click on one the WEP is [DHCP I] and the TCP/IP: says [ASSOCSTATUS_CANNOTCONN] AS THOUGH IT WOULD IN THE CONNECTION SEQUENCE. sO i FIXED THOSE THINGS (whoops CAPS....)fine to there normal should be settings and if i try to connect without changing and "Number(ip,DNS, blah blah)" settings it says it connects. further testing came to show i can change all the setting Accept the IP address and i could still connect but i could still ONLY connect after the UDP screen the bottom is just black. But when i DO change the IP address from something other then then when i goto connect it just says and scrolls everything off the screen just stays full of over and over wierd huh? thats what i've got so far in the testing i've done any help or fixes or does this help any? Also in the Wardriving on the new version I do see all wireless connections fine.
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