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  1. Thank you! Where is the neo-geo bios set? What files are they? I'm going to apparently have 3 roms folders....do I need to put a copy of the NeoGeo bios into each one? (thanks for answering, I'm a bit of a new guy when it comes to this stuff)
  2. Hi! I'm trying to get my mod-box to run MameOX. All of my games work fine on it, EXCEPT my Neo Geo games. It tells me that I am missing 4 files, and that the game will not run without them. I have an X-ecutor 3 chip, and I'm running Unleash X as my dashboard. The files and message are: Error sfix.sfx NOT FOUND sp.s.sp1 NOT FOUND sm1.sm1 NOT FOUND 000-lo.lo NOT FOUND ERROR required files are missing, the game cannot be run. Problem 2: MameOX is not detecting all of my roms! I go into the File Manager, and I see roms in the following 3 folders: 1.) F drive -> emus -> arcade emus -> cfg 2.) F drive -> emus -> arcade emus -> roms 2 3.) F drive -> emus -> arcade emus -> roms 3 Do I need to move all the roms to one folder for them to work?
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