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  1. sgstair, I have never been able to connect successfully with your lib. This was because of lack of WEP support, but that is working now. I just spent a while configuring my wifi settings in mario kart to use a static IP. I was able to connect to WFC successfully. Then I start the test app included in the v0.3 examples, and I cannot connect with the WFC settings. It is always stuck on ASSOCSTATUS_SEARCHING. I don't know what to do because I have tried everything I can think of. Any help is appreicated! (I really wanna get some of these kick ass wifi apps goin.)

  2. It works great with my GBAMP! I don't have an AP myself but I spotted 5 AP's while walking around in my flat. Wow  :blink:  Never guessed here would be so many.


    Some feedback:


    * Wardriving detects WEPon and WEPoff but when an AP has WEPoff it can have WPA. Is is possible to implement something like noSECURITY|WEPon|WPAon?

    * Current version has a limit to 4096 WIFI devices. Has anyone actually detected more then 512 devices?  :P 


    Keep up the good work! I wish I had more spare time.


    If you go to like E3 or something you might hit the limit. :D

  3. Thank you for the test app sgstair! It so awsome seeing progress right in my own hands! ;) I am so thankful, although its not thanksgiving anymore... :( I have downloaded like everything you have shown related to this project, I even have a sgstair folder! :) (See below) With the wardriving app I found like seven wireless networks unencrypted that mkds and my laptops network card knew nothing about!



  4. I see what you guys are saying. Sgstair has figured out how the attenna works, wrote his own tcp/ip stack (which still blows my mind :P ), and is creating a library homebrew developers can control. You can play on MK but the possibilities are endless with his lib. :devilboy:


    I am equally phyched for both releases (MK and dswifi) so keep up the awsome work!

  5. Just to tell you sgstair, time is running out. by NO means do I want you to rush and do a crap job. I'm just saying that mkds comes out monday. if you finish after that, it won't make such a big bang on the community. Most comments will be like "I already got wifi on my ds," "mariokart ownz," etc. I just think everyone will be very excited if it is finished before the release of mariokart and tonyhalk. (Tonyhalk comes out day after mkds)


    So yeah, if you want the most praise from the community, finish soon.

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