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  1. I know this has been asked before but I am going to ask the question a bit differently.


    I want to get a Flashcart for DS games. I'm not to concerned about GBA compatability, but I am about DS compatability. Now money isn't an object but I don't want to pay for any unnessesary features. I really only needed it for storing DS games.


    So I want to ask wich one is the best in terms of compatability for DS, ease of use, and lastly price. (Also I can only pay with paypal.) Ok thanks guys!


    If you're looking to play homebrew stuff, the GBA Media Player should work for you. DSPassMe has a store where you can buy the necessary stuff. If you're trying to play "illegally" obtained games, I can't help with that. (Please support those of us who work hard to develop those games)

  2. DSEmu (Nintendo DS) has been updated. The current codebase has some sort of sound support as well as fixes some bugs.


    Wednesday, 26th October 2005


        Since I've pushed ahead of what DSemu used to have, I thought why not go the whole hog; why not make a start on sound? And so I did make a start. I've had to pick SDL with the mixer extension as the sound library I'll be using, since it's probably the best of the cross-platform libs out there.


        However, it's currently in the process of giving me immense pain. I've been able to generate some kind of square wave from DMG channel 2, but outputting it causes SDL to overlap itself or something silly, which means double free()s, segmentation faults, all sorts of fun stuff. And I've no idea why it's doing what it's doing.


        Therefore, I've thrown the towel in on sound for now. Instead, in a few days perhaps, I'll start looking into the DS side of things, and perhaps making a start on the ARM9.


        As mentioned on the forums, I've also fixed a bug that caused MMIO registers to be byte-flipped twice on big-endian machines, rendering the register useless. You can get the current code at the link below.

    »» Homepage

  3. Nintendo has unveiled the new Wi-Fi USB connector that will allow DS owners who don't have a wireless router to take their handheld online. These screenshots were taken of the interface from Mario Kart DS & Animal Crossing DS demos at the recent Digital Life trade show.


    "You'll be able to construct a Friends list but there are no usernames or passwords involved. Instead, 12 digit numbers or "Friend Codes" will be used - swap your Friend Code with a mate and they'll be added to your list so you can play with them whenever. If you prefer, you can pick a random stranger who happens to be as wicked/rubbish at the game in question as you via Nintendo's skill-mapping servers." - EuroGamer.Net




    "HURRAH for the USB Connector and for HURRAH for online multiplayer Mario Kart DS! Roll on November!" - EuroGamer.Net





    »» All Screenshots

    »» Source

  4. DragonMinded has released a working beta of a text editor/viewer for the Nintendo DS. Here's what he has to say.


    I'm posting a working beta of the DS Text editor. No longer is it a viewer with an annoying cursor, but a text editor! There are some bugs, such as horrid things going wrong when it can't wrap a line properly, and I'm sure there's other stuff out there. Please comment! Get it here.


    TO DO:

    - Real Ins/Ovr button.

    - Caps/Shift indicators.

    - Proper wrapping of really long lines.

    - Repeating characters.

    - Touch buttons for the cursor functions.

    - Left hand/right hand mode.

    - Credits screen.

    »» Download Page

    »» Homepage

  5. The folks over at [AiboHack] have released a "trainer" of sorts for Nintendogs. You run this off a FlashMe/PassMe/WifiMe-enabled DS and edit the save of the game. It is verified (by myself) to not brick your DS.


    # Backup entire game state SRAM (GBA Cart with SRAM required) to save on your PC

    # Restore entire game state

    # Import a dog from a friend's cartridge. Unlike "Bark Mode" this gives you a complete clone of your friend's dog without harming the original.


    # Easily add money or trainer points (become a stinking rich "Dog Master" in seconds)

    # Quicky switch the room style (for free, no waiting for the interior designer)

    # Reports number of items you've found, and how many you are missing

    # Easily add all the objects (toys, sports items, care items, music, etc). 100 total.

    # Easily add all the accessories. 60 total (including all the strange hats and collars)

    # Easily add all the room styles (9 of them) and clocks (8 of them). Room styles come pre-paid.

    # Easily add all the puppy breeds (20 regular ones)

    # NOTE: All objects/items available with any version of Nintendogs Cartridge.


    # Tweek the attributes of any of your dogs:

    # Breed - change the breed to any of the 20 available breeds (and two special Japanese breeds)

    # Gender - quick sex-change

    # Color - change color (depends on breed)

    # Size - make dogs larger or smaller (or invisible or outrageously big)

    # NOTE: you can edit any of your dogs (active or in hotel, max of :(

    # Advanced: tweek the learned tricks. Replace and existing voice command with another trick (including tricks you normally can't train the dog to do)

    # Advanced: wipe a cartidge so you can start over (back to knocking on the door)

    »» Homepage/Download

    »» Credit: Drunken Coders



    -> A browser. A browser will use the DSWifi to surf on the internet but a programmer will have to code it.


    -> Something with a graphical interface. DSWifi is NOT a program - you can't "execute" or "launch" DSWifi. It's just a bunch of sentences in several text files.


    -> An IRC client. A test application is being developed in order to show the capabilities of DSWifi but understand that this application is only using DSWifi.


    -> A hacker tool. DSWifi will NOT help you to copy games and will NOT replace any hardware solution already available (like PassMe or a GBA Flash Card). DSWifi is used in a program so this one has to be loaded before being used on the Nintendo DS.


    Let's not forget the obvious...


    -> A direct means of tunnelling NiFi games over the Internet. That doesn't mean it can't be done, just don't expect it to work OOB (out of box).


    I've been asked this way too many times and felt it'd be a worthy addition.

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