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  1. Thanks!! That's where the problem was. Fixed. Perhaps instructions on this could be with the next release? It'd help people, i think. Im sure other people have encountered the same problem before.
  2. So it seems =s I figured this would help me out, but i've read a bit more since then. Many apologies._. How am i supposed to make free blocks with VMS Browser, then? I get an error message when i try to play, saying i need 8 free blocks of memory. VMS says i have 0 free, or just 0. I cant DELETE anything because theres nothing there. Telling it to WRITE one doesnt do much... how do i make blocks of memory that can be used? Bah, i dont know =( I figured there'd be a help file for the VMS Broswer but theres not.
  3. Downloaded this, but having trouble with it. When i click ChankastUtilv02a3, it comes up with an Installer window, but when i click Update (with the Default path C:\Chankast_02a), it says "Wrong Folder Selected" (Patchwise Updater). I changed this to the folder where Chankast actually is, and any other foler, but it still says the same thing. So i cant get it to work. Another problem i encountered when trying to run the game i;ve got is that there isnt enough memory. It says that in order to play the game, 8 blocks of memory are required to be free. The VMS Broswer thing i havent figured out how to work =( Blocks:0. How do i make it so that there are 8 free? Thanks in advance *noob*
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