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  1. Psycho Shredder or Brolly are not rediculously cheap. They were made to be very powerful, as a challenge to see who can make the most powerful character. Yet they are still bound by certain rules and yes they are beatable. Let me put it in DBZ term, think Super Bu and SSJ4 Goku.


    Omega Tom Hanks is an april fool joke and is not in the same league as Psycho Shredder or Brolly. Because Omega Tom Hanks is not bound by the same rules that Psycho Shredder or Brolly is bound by. Although Omega Tom Hanks was made to be unbeatable the fact is that he is beatable. But to beat him you will have to understand the codes that was used to make him. To make it short Omega Tom Hanks can be kill by the F1 button.


    This is coming from the guys that made Psycho Shredder.


    Well...Broli, Dark Capt. Kidd, Psycho Shredder, Evil Ken & Ryu. There are others but I havn't been able to play Mugen since I have the wrong video card.

  2. Nostromo n45 Dual Analog USB GamePad By Belkin

    The Nostromo n45 USB game pad is the most innovative PC game pad to hit the market in years. Advanced ergonomic design, dual analog, USB-compatible, and much more.





    15.99 at fry electronics hella grubbin


    been using it for a while now 


    Does this work well with Mugen?

  3. Your the first person to have a complaint about this. If it messed up the sound of the rom, then it was your fault for not having a backup copy. So basically, sorry to say, you have to download it again. As for the problems you faced, patching the files, you most likely used the wrong patches together. Your not really supposed to use all of them, only the ones appropriate for you.


    luckly I made a backup :D. So, I wasn't suppose to use all them....no wonder.


    Gamecop, if you're using winkawaks which patches did you use (I notice zero, demtri, mars peps...and some others chars don't have voices)?


    ***Adding patches to roms is kind of new to me (since I haven't fcuked with roms since 98 :) )***

  4. Use the configurator and in the mugen.cfg change Vesa mode to something else (Vesa mode 1 works fine for me)

    Tried that a long time ago homie.


    It's most likely your graphics card. I am running a nVidia GeForce FX 5200. Most of all it works great. I have also tried it with a SiS Graphics card and also a 8MB IBM Graphics Card and a cheap Laptop Graphics Card. Thanks for posting though, I am going to make a list of graphics cards not compatible in a TEXT file with the next patch. I'll also see if I can fix it in the next release.

    I hope you can fix it, otherwise GeForce FX 5900 will have to be mine(when it's cheaper)..sigh.

  5. Well, it didn't work for me. It would just load up the keyboard/joypad 1&2/sound then it'll go black and send me back to winxp. When I tweaked it, it did the samething and said----[Library (built in) message: Can't change video mode.

    Error message: You need a VESA driver to run M.U.G.E.N]. I really do not want to buy a new Graphics card.


    Comp Specs: Dell Dimension 2400 Series, Intel Pentium4 Processor at 2.40GHz


    Windows XP Home Edition


    256MB DDR SDRAM at 333MHz


    Integrated Intel 3D AGP (Graphics)


    Integrated ADI 1885 Audio



    Boy am I glad that someone hacked mugen...now if you could hack it's video props to work with mine :lol:.


    Keep it up.

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