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  1. Thanks for looking +T+ :P


    Now thinking about it... probably wasn't relevant listing most them games as they are most likely boss hacks which fbaxxx/pro can access with cheats anyways :thumbsup1: haaa


    Still curious to try out kof96evo and a few others which don't concern boss hacks. I'll find an emu which i can try out with on my trashed laptop heh.


    I only just knew about fba pro when I heard about pro patches for fbaxxx recently.By the looks of things Pro must have been around for quite a while(!).

    Now i'm enjoying the emu more than ever so many thanks again ^_^

  2. Hi +T+

    Just want to say great work before I start babbling. :P Greatly appreciate your hard work on top of GoGo's fbaxxx :)


    I was posting to see if there were any plans of kof96 evo being added in the future of a pro patch for fbaxxx? But is kof96 evo a rom hack? I can't tell what is what between genuine bootlegs and rom hacks. I gathered that you're only interested in genuine bootlegs :P


    Also I came across other games:

    - AoF3b (art of fighting 3)

    - Double Dragon Hacks: Boss & Enhance

    - Fatal Fury 3 Boss Hack Fatfury3bh.zip

    - KOF 2001 Remix Pro

    - KOF 96 EVO (version 1.2)

    - KOF 99 REMIX PRO

    - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Boss Hack Rbffspecbh.zip

    - SVC CHAOS SNK vs CAPCOM PLUS Remix Ultra VER 1.2 Svcru12.zip

    - The King of Fighters 2002 Remix Ultra v2.5 Kof2002ru25.zip

    - The King of Fighters 2004 Special Super Plus

    - Fatal Fury Special (Ryo) (Home)

    - The King of Fighters '94 (Boss)

    - Samurai Shodown II (Boss Hack)

    - World Heroes Perfect (Boss Hack)

    and shockingly:

    - Super Street Fighter 2 X: Grand Master Challenge (Nude Hack) (Japan 940223) :P


    I'm sure those above titles that have 'hack' in the title won't interest you at all =P But thought I’d mention them incase you haven't come across them and might take some interest??


    Also I wasn't too keen on posting links but would be a lot clearer if I did. Just don't want a telling off on my 1st post heh ^_^

    No problems if nothing in my post has any interest just thought I’d give this post a try and see what people thought ;)


    I've sent you a PM +T+ see what you think??


    Thanks for looking people and big thanks to people who made fbaxxx and pro for what it is today :thumbsup1:

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