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  1. THEEEE best Saturn emulator by far :)


    But I will be bitchy and have one negative say about SSF.

    That being the game save data not being compatible from previous versions of SSF, everytime a new version is released. Unless that's all now changed?/ I'm doing something wrong. Well I'm sure it's all for good reason in order to progress the emulator....... I'll just remember not to power up for days on Radiant Silvergun until the game saves are stable enough to use for future SSF releases :D


    Anyhow all games I've tried so far have played perfect using the highest settings option. Very nice emulator!

  2. You know what, forget about even finding out if something like MAME works better on a 64-bit OS. I just tried to transfer photo's on a friends PC who is running a 64-bit Vista OS from my camcorder and it's having troubles. No driver support! I admit it's a fairly old USB 1.0 camcorder, but I'm not going to dish out more money just so I can buy a camcorder that's Vista user friendly. I guess it's time to roll back to XP in the end when I get the laptop...

  3. Hello.

    What about choosing between XP pro 64-bit and Vista Ultimate 64-bit, but just in terms of using it for games emulation like in MAME. Does it make much difference in performance using MAME/Emu's in general on XP to that on Vista?? Especially when running roms that require more processing power.


    I've just bought THIS laptop. It won't arrive till Friday so just wanted to find out some info. I've not played on any emulators for a while so I don't know how up to scratch things are between the two OS's when using emulators in general.


    I really hope Vista picks up my USB PS2 to PC pad converters if I stick with Vista.... Otherwise it's going to have to be a long downgrade process to XP.


    Any suggestions?


    Thanks :thumbsup1:

  4. 96.25% from perfect overall?????

    Wow i've not checked out the Saturn emu scene for years and I always thought SSF was the best out there. Looks like a lot has been done to it since I last took interest in the emu. When I get a nice new high spec PC I'll be sure to give this a go :lol:

    PANZER DRAGOON SAGA!! :banghead:

  5. Ahhh so GoGo is still around and about. I was wondering that too about his new site, when it will be up and running again.

    Yup... it's been some time since another update as been released.


    +T+ any plans of updating the pro patch for the current fbaxxx or are the plans still for the next fbaxxx release?


    Saku00 my xbox is starting to play up these days after 3 years and can sometimes freeze on the xbox logo start up from time to time. Sometimes I get past the xbox logo freeze by just pressing the eject button which somehow seem to do the trick lol. Give it a try :blink: I'd laugh if it works.

  6. Wow a very poor KOF2002 hack that tries to imitate Maximum Impact. When will this crap stop?

    lol, wow you really hate these crazy kof bootlegs :P


    I love 'em, LOVE 'EM ALLL! Sometimes they can be sooo crap that I play them for sheer amusement. Anything kof as long as I keep away from 2k3...yuck!


    Anyways can't wait to try out those ones Robert has posted pics of in this thread. Long live KoF bootlegs! :blink:

  7. Oooooooooo Mr Evil RAAALLLF!!!!!! :unsure:


    Have you worked out all the secret moves to kof96 evo by any chance?


    I know all the extra supers relevant to characters whose supers were originally hidden, but struggling to work out hidden normal moves for most characters, unless it hasn't been unlocked in kof96evo or.... I'm just rubbish and can't seem to pull them off but I doubt that aha aha ;)


    Have a look at this, you might find it interesting being a kof fan, please give it a go heh:



    Looks like SNK locked up quite a lot of moves from the original kof96 (as well as in other kof’s)... bah! :P


    And if you view the hidden moves using the DIP settings mentioned in that guide you will find there are a handful of hidden moves that the evo version does not include.

    Well I certainly can't pull off some of the hidden moves that guide mentions, and can only assume that they have not been unlocked in kof 96 evo. :(


    Which now brings me onto the next question..... how many version of kof96 evo is there?? :)


    I have a kof96evo p1 rom the size of 1mb which I'm using, and then I have another evo p1 rom which is 2mb which I can't use anyways. Maybe that 2mb p1 kof 96evo rom has everything unlocked fully. A shame I can't try it out on any emu due to the size; I have no idea how to make a p1 2mb rom work only 1mb p1.


    I only ask about the versions because the p1 1mb rom I’m using is kof96 'version 1.2' apparently. I didn't even know these things came in version lol.


    Anyways enough babbling from me. What do you think Evil Ralf or anyone??????



  8. Ohhhhh I see. Not surprised why CPS3 hasn't even been touched then :blink:


    The only patching I have done with CPS2 so far is adding character color skins on games like Street Fighter Alpha 3... Oh and a nude patch for Cammy on SSF2X Grand Master challenge :(


    Maybe one day CPS2 will see the light of day of real hack patches on the same level as neo geo. ;)

  9. AhhHhHhHhHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh hello again iq_132.

    CPS1 i have come across all sorts of messed up Street Fighter hacks, CPS2 i've never come across such hack patches as you mentioned, especially compared to that of Neo Geo anyways baaah!


    Hmm must be hard to make hack patches for cps2 games or something ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D


    At least I now know there's no such thing as hacked patches for CPS2.



  10. Hello,


    Recently I had come across quite a few places that do hack patches for neo geo games.... but I was wondering if it's just as common for CPS1 and CPS2 games??? Google doesn't do much for me :blink:

    The only thing I have come across for CPS stuff is character colour changes and that's about it. There was another site showing extra character slots in Street Fighter Alpha 1 where Dan, Vega and Akuma were ready selectable, but It was all in Japanese or Chinese and I had no clue to what was being said.


    Hmmmmm comments anyone? :blink:

  11. Don't worry I'm not making it up it does exist lol :P


    I'm assuming it's not available in almost any emu's because it's a 'rom hack' rather than a 'genuine bootleg' as emu authors might say.


    So i can only assume that something like King of Fighters 96 Evolution is only going to be available on a hacked emulator.... exactly which one though, version etc??? Hmmmm.


    Wish i could tell you the actual difference, but from what i gather and pics seen, the Evolution version has extra moves, overpowered moves, with bosses selectable by default.


    Not really sure what else.


    Most likely a lot of people will say this sounds trash and just another rubbish hack heh.

    But I'm a big kof96 fan and this evo version has always got my interest.... just ummm never actually played it lol :lol:

  12. Hello, :lol:

    Which emulator would play kof96 evo....


    I've DL'd all sorts of emu's winkawaks, nebula, nrx, and a neo geo mame emu....


    Hmmmm none of them seem to support it. Have had some hacks of the emu's which support other hacked versions of neo geo games..... just not kof 96 evo....


    I'm not asking where to DL the emu, just which emu I should be looking for exactly.


    Many thanks :P

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