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    Basketball, Emulation, Computer games, Racing Videos, ETC. Got any sports roms or wrestling roms tell me!
  1. Rgis is basically an opinion thats up to u... But I have not played No Mercy yet (Downloading it right now... 10%...Cant wait till it finishes),I haveplayed Wrestlemania 2000 And that is like one of the best games i ever played... It's basically WCW VS. NWO Revenge Remodelled After WWF LOL. But it is still way better and the game modes are awesome. Right now i have a 56 K and i bearely started getting into the N64 Emulation Scene so im stuck with WCW Mayhem (Alright Game) Because its the only game i could find, but now the i found the guidance of this website my hopes are up! Yea so back to the topic.... UMMMM I guess No Mercy is better since usually newer games are better LOL. Same developer right>(THQ??)Peace!
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