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    Washington, D.C. (January 14, 2006) -- The other night, I was thinking of watching a movie on HBO, but my female housemate wouldn't let me. She was absorbed in a PBS documentary about birds, which was broadcast in High-Definition TV.


    My female housemate is named Snoopy. She's a five-year-old black domestic cat.


    Yes, my cat watches High-Definition TV.


    In fact, she will watch for 20 minutes at a time, particularly if the show features birds, fish or animals. If she sees a bird flying on a high-def channel, she will crouch down in the attacker stance as if the winged creature was right in front of her.


    The high-def picture is so clear and life-like that Snoopy apparently thinks it's real.


    "My cat attacked the TV when (the high-def network) HDNet was playing a show about lions," said one high-def owner at alt.tv.tech.hdtv.


    "Our cat generally ignores the TV. But one night there was a show with wolves. She went over to the screen and tried to touch one," said another.

    Read the full article with pictures @ http://www.tvpredictions.com/catwatcheshdtv011606.htm



    I'd have to say I think it's really just comical. The guy obviously only has an HDTV, so where's the comparison to see how the Cat would react with the same channel on a non-HDTV televison? HDTV is not really that different to regular TV. Simply, HDTV is a joke and one big money making scheme. I guarentee you the same Cat would watch TV and do the same thing if the Television was not HDTV compatible, but same size. IMO, it only matters in what the channel is showing. :P



    Actually with the fact that cats possess far better eyesight than humans, I'm inclined to believe this.......to some extent.




    @ Gamecop: I'm going to be laughing for the next hour at that statement you just made, you obviously know nothing about resolutions, that's like saying playing a game in 1280x720 will be the same as 640x480...



    @ other dude: That's true and chances are they can see it being broadcasted in interlaced or progressive, there's a refresh difference and I'm 99% certain they can tell, interlaced shows half the image (every other line) progressive shows the full image

  2. - blond hair

    - blue or green eyes

    - nice breast (volley ball status)

    - a few inches shorter than me (ofcourse) -_-

    - sexy legs that

    - a nice butt that moves (left to right) what type of girl wouldn't have that though : /

    - that likes pillow fights and play fighting.

    - that plays video games.


    Well apparently my girl doesn't have blue nor hazel eyes she mainly has brown eyes (quite ordinary)


    Also she's starting to not like playing video games and for me thats kind of like a bad sign. becouse im a video game type of person also.


    i don't know really perhaps our relationship isn't going in that direction anymore and i doubt she is any where ready to act as an adult although we are both 19yrs and im taller than her again (ofcourse).





    Wow dude...that sucks, I don't think he made the thread for people to be sad :P I don't like when relationships end, it's pointless you went out with them for a reason and the love never leaves no matter how much you think...I would sit her down and just talk with her...Have you done that recently? Just talked...nothing imparticular...Try it, may help


    I know sometimes it really helps to just talk about random stuff...

  3. Make sure to look up/in the manual regarding supported media and formats. Maybe the drive doesn't support -R and only supports +R, or maybe you're burning the disc in an unsupported method.

    When all else fails........RTFM :P



    Definately check the media you are using, last I checked HP and Philips were +R people only...and +R most likely wouldn't play in a car dvd player, I know it didn't play in my friend's dad's SUV

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