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  1. What if the PC sends the wrong data ? or Will the Nes even be able to read the data like that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, the NES is actually able to send and receive data from a parallell interfarce, either using one of the control ports with a supplied home-made cartridge, or soldering the parallell cable directly on the NES motherboard somewhere. Read here: http://www.bripro.com/low/hardware/devtendo/index.php -Jaffe
  2. Sorry, but using such big EEPROM's wouldnt work anyway. The NES cant adress more than 64KB of ROM without a mapper, and even then, not more than 1-2MB. 512MB is therefore just a dream Yes, you could modify the NES very much, but then it probably wouldnt be much of a NES anymore Besides, could you send me the HDD-code? I NEVER thougt it would be possible with a HDD in the NES, so please let me see it! -Jaffe
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