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  1. By the wayhttp://www.marvin3m.com/wall3.jpgThat was my flocking corner right there, Dunno if you notice the War:Final Assault machines, But i used to sit there and flockin pwn everyone in the arcade at that game, If you ever stop by the place (highly reccomend it obviously, check out all the famous peopel that have been there) Type in your name as Shiba with PIN No. 7777 and youll have the top rank with everything unlocked :PLet me know if he fixed the Joystick on the center machine too :P I beat some guy so bad he broke it, no joke!some of those machines arent there anymore though, thats an old pic :/ War Gods was only there for like a week haha

  2. yeah man arcades, one of the things i miss the most about michigan was this AWESOME arcade they had there that i had been going to ever since i was a little kidhttp://www.marvin3m.com/and emulating newer systems just isnt the same, i know what you mean, because its easier to just download them and mod the console :/ With older stuff it was more of a big deal because they where either expensive as hell or just hard to findive been on this website for like what? 3 years now, and ive yet to have a bad experience here, your not doing anything wrong, we just gotta wait for our lucky break or something, get mentioned on Joystiq or something somehowOr we could get alot of hype the way myspace does, Fake suicide notes online! we'll make the news!personally i think some kind of PR/Advertising thing would help the most, maybe have some kind of killer PC app with 1emu in the Help>Aboutmaybe a tracker of Legal Torrents? Some of those sites are pretty popular http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Legal_torrent_sitesMaybe even some kind of store that sells everything, Make it Lik-Sang Vs Play Asia Vs 1Emu :PSome kind of videos section would be cool too, im probably gonna start a YouTube series of me doing stupid crap, doubt it will draw a massive crowd or anything though :POh and that reminds me, What if 1Emu had a myspace page? I know thats kinda...retarded...but hey throw it up on those "whore trains" and the word would spread around pretty fast, With 87 Million users someones gotta join

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