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  1. Sfz3mix updated to 0.31 https://youtu.be/c1xtZvTJgXw
  2. I've added Raine's link to the official SFZ3Mix page, thanks for the support Tux!
  3. Hello mer-curious, you can contact me on Discord (user zero800) and help me make a soundtrack that's even better than the current sfz3mix samples. I came across this forum by searching on google for a TAS video from SFZ3Mix. I started reading the thread and couldn't believe there were people wanting support for my hack
  4. Thank you for your commitment to supporting this hack. I used 8-bit samples just to make them smaller and take less time to load the game. That was the reason, just to gain a little more performance and reduce the file size. But with the .ogg format you don't need that reduction. I still have the original songs and I can convert them, I just don't have a lot of free time to do it. Is the .ogg loop done manually? If so, it would be even better because most songs have an intro and then I'd loop it.
  5. Regarding the addressing of the extra audio bank, I put it as if it were a single bank on the z80, only twice as big. I didn't use any tricks in the emulator to access this extra audio bank. In version 0.30 the extra sound bank only has the title announcement, parry, super effect, Dan Gaoh Shokoken. But in the next update 0.31 I plan to put different voices to do Evil Ryu in this bank.
  6. For samples, Raine brings a 1000x more elegant solution than I implemented in brute force. You don't have to run the samples in .wav, I can convert them to .ogg myself and make them available on the site along with the Raine link when supported. I was very frustrated at having nowhere else to put new graphics in CPS1's SF2Mix and came up with this crazy solution to double the graphics in cps2. I know it will never work on a real cps2 but 99% don't have a cps2 and play via emulator anyway. Thanks for the compliment, but this hack is purely a hobby for a Street Fighter and KOF fan.
  7. Hi, I'm Zero800, creator of SFZ3Mix. I found it very interesting that another emulator wanted to emulate the new SFZ3MIX, because I spent a long time asking other emulators to accept this challenge. To emulate this hacked rom correctly, you'd have to solve at least these two problems. 1. Increasing the resolution to 416x234 2. Make the emulator use the extra graphics (gfx2.bin) when an unused bit is set. 3. Manage the .wav samples by making them play if there is one with the same ID as the song and mute the original cps2 audio when this happens Regarding the initial audio of the rom that says "Street Fighter Zero 3 Mix", it has been added to an extra audio bank, thus doubling its maximum size. The same was done with the graphics, which were doubled and signaled for the emulator to interpret when a bit not used in the original cps2 was used. Try checking the mame driver on the game's website or how it has been better implemented in FBNeo. SFZ3Mix is based on the sfa3us rom but I've mapped all its pointers to insert new code anywhere in the rom. That's why each version has nothing to do with the other, nor would it be possible to use only .ips applied to the original rom. Even though I'm not much of a programmer, I'll help you with whatever I can answer.
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