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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but if I remember well with MAMEUI-FX it could be started using Ita, Spa, Fra etc. UI strings... Can't find options in ARCADE64... so this is my question
  2. Ok... after many further trial & errors I got it: if the option # # OSD ACCELERATED VIDEO OPTIONS # prescale <n> with <n> != 1 the GL Shaders is not applied! MUST be = 1 or GL Shaders won't be applied anymore. EDIT: I submitted a bug-report for MAME devs.
  3. Thank you both! Argh... I think I've found why I couldn't see OpenGL shaders in action: 1. I thought OpenGL shaders would add special adjustment options in the TAB panel (like HLSL does) but I was wrong: it's all defined by the shader files. No additional sliders. 2. Since I redefined many games' screen aspect ratio (based on my perception of perfect squares and circles), this caused many .ini files to be already written in ini\ subdir, with OpenGL options = 0 and thus overwriting default game options In short my mistakes sorry! I've learned something more about MAME advanced options... EDIT: Uhm... just deleted dirs ini and cfg to reset everything and again GL Shaders don't work anymore... What's the exact dependency of GL Shaders with cfg/ini etc. files??? Mame.ini, gamename.ini are the files to check-out? P.S. Grande mamesick! È un piacere vederti ancora in giro nei forum MAME. MAMEUI-FX era sempre stato il mio preferito, anche grazie all'incredibile velocità di popolamento/auditing dei giochi (coi miei 600 giochi gli altri ci mettono 5-6minuti a confronto di MAMEUI-FX/ARCADE64 che impiega 30 secondi!)
  4. I followed this simple guide from 2020: Mame shader GLSL - Nircada (weebly.com) but it doesn't seem to work (HLSL shaders do work fine instead) with 0.243... Has something changed with recent updates?
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