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  1. Where can i find the patch to play this game translated
  2. Kyatto Ninden Teyandee or samurai pizza cats Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge Gevara Heroes of the Lance Lickle
  3. Is there a chance i can play this translated
  4. I found 2 of them:jeeps-called jackal and the kung fu guy-witch is jackie chan. It only remains the beard guy.Please wat's this game name.
  5. I do not remember very well.I played them a long time ago. 1.In this one you are a guy with beard hwo splits arows.a normal action game.after you beat the monster on every stage you get a piece from a big firebird picture.i don't know.maybe it was called firebird or phoenix bird.I din't find the rom. 2.This one is with a kung fu guy.I had a hack of this one because was with mario not with the real guy from the game.that hack was called mario kung fu.A action game.with some items like spining kick,roll jump and other moves like that. 3.This one is with a jeep.you rescue hosteges and take them to choper.there is also an arcade version of this game.a action/shooter game
  6. I got mame32k 0.90 and I want all the hero clones(neogeo) working in my list: whpbo lastbld2wh lastbldb kof2k1al kof2kb kof99bh kof94b rbffspb rbff1ud In this i only need the p1 file changed and named after the name of the clone.Can i change them using ips(where can i find these ips if it works).I got Ipswin20.If not where can i find the patches or files.I also know many sites with patches,roms but i can not post them right? bogard_snk@yahoo.com
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