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  1. ok, so i wasn't sure if this should go in the psx emulation section or the nes emulation section so i decided to put it here. i was just wondering, in your opinions what's the better nes emulator for the psx, imbNES or PNESx?
  2. it was released on november 4, 2001 in the us (ntsc) it's a survival horror type game, basically think resident evil on mars. there's this wierd virus on mars and you're part of a team sent to the planet to find out why all the former explorers have been killed. i've only played a little bit and i loved it. there's also a catch where if come into contact with another member from your team, you die, somehow the virus gets you so you can only communicate through doors or on your radio. to sum up, combine the movie "ghosts of mars" with the game "resident evil" and you have "martian gothic" check out some offical info and screens here http://www.gamespot.com/ps/adventure/marti...tion/index.html
  3. i've been searching for this game for quite a while and have had zero luck. if anyone has, or knows somebody who has, martian gothic for the psx, i'd really appreciate your help.
  4. i just downloaded mugen and followed gamecop's advice on how to get it to work on xp, thanks by the way. i also downloaded the developer's tools (airedit, sndmaker, etc.) but they don't want to work on xp. is there any way to fix that?
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