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  1. I found the ROM read for Dice Game This is a bootleg or unofficial game. I did not send it in 1999 because I wanted to find the original game and + I did not want Yasuhero to know I was selling a bootleg to him It works on original IREM M90 board and it was from Germany sold by Turning but it is not the real game it has no copyright https://anonfiles.com/BbR7ddE0xf/dicegamewithdriver_zip
  2. I located the Fail Gate converting kit ROM read and made new support for it Why did I not send this in 1999? Reason 1 It is a very bad game! In 1999 MAME had only good games. It was not a good fit! Now MAME is filled with many bad games Reason 2 Music is absent some of the time. Could be a bad ROM read but board sold to Yasuhiro in 2000 after he translated converting kit instructions https://anonfiles.com/Fcz0l5D2x3/failgatewithdriver_zip Game is a fail hahaha Jonas
  3. LEMON my alias or Jonas Jago my name I discovered files named for the Gate Fail game converting kit I will check if it is good too and write a driver for it also
  4. Hello my friends and thank you much for keeping alive the best version of MAME In 1999 I read the ROM data from ARCADE boards I had at the time. I tried to emulate them and was unsuccessful in my attempts. I forgot about them until this year but was able to locate one of the ROM data dumps In 2000 the ARCADE boards were sold to a man in Japan for the amount of 500$ for 5 games The games were IREM Dice Game, IREM Kung FU 2, DECO Tape Hello Gateball, Tazmi Grey Burner and +1 with Gate in the name but I don't remember the maker. I can't see any of these in ARCADE or MAME The data for Dice Game I can not find and the Tape could not be read. Grey Burner I did not read I have recovered the data for Kung Fu 2 and tried again to emulate it The same problem as before, there are no backgrounds, it uses protected blitter for tile layer Can you or MAME softdevs help here or add it in MAME for safekeeping I have placed the files in https://anonfiles.com/P913f8C1x7/KungFu2DriverROMs_zip Thank you for any help you can provide Jonas Jago
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