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  1. Rex

    ARCADE64 0.238

    It's 82 MBs so is it safe to delete? I'm short on hard drive space so anything counts.
  2. Rex

    ARCADE64 0.238

    What is this new arcade64.sym file in it?
  3. Rex

    ARCADE64 0.237

    Thanks! It does seem to work that way. Though I have a question: Will it also tell me about any redundant files that I may have in my roms folder(which could likely happen in case a rom's name changes)? If not, is there any way to find and remove such files?
  4. Rex

    ARCADE64 0.237

    As I have stated, I'm a newcomer so I have no clue what clrmamepro is, but from my searching I've found out that it isn't easy to learn and it only updates full romsets. I forgot to mention that I only have select roms of my choice that I play and not the full mame romset. I just want to know which of my roms are not compatible with a newer mame version so that I can go online and download them.
  5. Rex

    ARCADE64 0.237

    Hi, I'm a newcomer to Arcade and Mame in general and wanted to ask a couple of things: - When I update to a newer version of Arcade, there is always this problem that I don't know which games stopped appearing in my Available list. Is there a way to know exactly which roms stopped working so I can go and download updated ones online? - I can see that Arcade64 supports history.dat files. But does it support history.xml files? If so where do I need to put it? I got it from arcade-history.com. Feel free to recommend if there is a better source. Thanks.
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