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  1. Thanks i found the 2 files could anyone please tell me how to make those 2 files go into chankast.exe,so far ive only figured how to place it under chankast alph 02a. Thanks everyone for your usefull replies.
  2. Thanks may i ask please the DC-bios.zip is that the one, but its only got ip.bin not flash and when you mean into Chankasts executibles do you mean chankast.exe application in type folder application, is this where i need to put those 2 files if so can you please help me on how to and is Ami.flash.exe the other file which is needed in another Bios section i found i think its a Bios thankyou.
  3. Thanks for your usefull replies everyone, those two files your talking about sc_bios.bin and dc_flash.bin how do you get it into Chankast is it in the Chankast or is a different Dreamcast bios needed, i have these two Bios files i have an unziped Dreamcast Bios when its unziped it says dc-bios.zip, then when you open it it says ip.bin but i have conected it and this bios its under Chankast02a folder but does it need to go right into the Chankast folder differently and if so can i please know how thankyou.
  4. Yeah Shenmue 3 might come for next gen consoles lke Xbox 2 Ps3 and Nintendo Revolution or 1 of them either way it should be awesome, as they say it will contain like 12 chapters Shenmue 1 and 2 had 4 chapters together so thats like 3 times 1 and 2 together, i think the missing boat chapter with Chai is either going to be put in to Shenmue 3 possibly when Ryo returns to Japan like that would explain why the mad angels were seen in many places not seen yet. Or in like a Shenmue museum section like in Ratchet and Clank 3 when you go to a level at a certain time you can enter the museum, maybe what happens is after you finish the game you get all that sort of stuff concepts and other similiar stuff. As i have seen the Shenmue premiere video by going to Shenmue Dojo like you see that all of Shenmue 1 and 2 and even parts to 3 were allready made by 1998 in fact parts to 3 were allready made by 1996, on Saturn as we havn't seen those other places that look unique like a boardwalk looking room which you see after finishing Shenmue 2 and watching the Saturn development video, plus there are parts like what looks like other parts of Hong Kong, so thats like 1 chapter plus the boat chapter and if you have seen at Shenmue Dojo they have some place around like a river where Ryo stands, all done so thats allready more than Shenmue 2 and thats what looks to be Shenhua's birthplace, and the book scene with a old looking man, also think of it this way if they were still developing at 4th quarter of 2001 as they were as they were holding Shenmue 2 of till quarter 4 of 2001, probably to have even more chapters in Shenme 2 like Lyoyang but this was also then decided to be put into the final game Shenmue 3, Shenmue 1 and 2 were allready made by 1998 including boat chapter as it is was said this was chapter 2 but it clearly shows in Shenmue premiere Nio Sun and other parts and chapters were made allready, plus another chapter roaming in like what looks like other parts of Hong Kong so thats allready 2 chapters plus they had Lyoyang in Shenmue premiere and Nio Sun allready made so thats probably another chapter as she is one of the four Chiyou members so they had atleast another Shenmue 2 made by 1998 so add another 3 years thats probably another 4 chapters 5 more chapters to go from end of 2001, could be one of Xbox 2's launch titles and why they maybe said game desighning didnt begin yet, they were still in the concept stages for parts to shenmue 3 for a next gen mahine which is probably way harder to work on, keep in mind this company gets development kits before anyone else and story all together maybe takes quite a while too, as Shin Ishikawa said shenmue will return to xbox and he said please look forward to more Shenmue games on Xbox that means atleast 2 games as it even showed Shenmue 4 but since it is allready 2005 and Xbox 2 will be released like at end of 2005 its preety obvious Shenmue 3 and 4 will be shenmue 3 even better news as a game like this comes out atleast one year after its anouncement of whats actually in the game like mini games and other stuff so its clear its coming to Xbox 2 and maybe even the rest of the next gen games machines which is good and would explain the hush hush situation of Shenmue 3 news plus probably not to overshadow Shenmue online news as if it were to be said of like mini games, huge press release information it would clearly overshadow Shenmue online plus Shenmue online was probably Yu Suzuki's way of saying Shenmue 3 must be online like having Shenmue passport like stuff that existed in 1 and probably other cool stuff, plus this isn't the only not so talked about game what about Mario 128 that began development in late 1998, and we havn't heard much about that and it was supposed to be shown at E3 but Nintendo thought there ideas would all of been copied and they didn't show it. could it be that this also goes to next gen strangely they said Shenmue was to be also unveiled earlier but this was postponed looks like Sony and Nintendo are trying to compete with Xbox and Sony probably with Grand theft auto looks like Shenmue 3 has become Xbox 2's seller as what a launch title that would make, which was notice also Microsofts stand on the situation they said they will be the first out with the next gen consoles , plus they need Japan sales higher Shenmue 3 will acomplish this, plus also new release games get adds for them as new games do, especially if there going to be launch games Shenmue online looks to be like the remember Shenmue its back, plus for Sega to stop Shenmue would be a discrace to everyone long live Shenmue it was also confirmed again in january of 2003 also AM2 DigitalRex, is also said to be involved in Shenmue 3's production as DiitalRex went and joined all of Sega, and Yu Suzuki is instructing all teams what to do along with Yuji Naka, plus he also said in between 2001 and 2003 that he was doing pre renderings they also said in the end of 2002 or around there that they were up to chapter 10 in pre renderings, and that 80% Shenmue was finished and also at Geosites 2000 it says Shenmue was developed as a whole this would explain Iwao in a lot of Shenmue premiere that was never in Shenmue 1 or 2 this is probably what happens when Ryo starts to remember his fathers moves for confidence and to beat Lan Di, i just hope they release some huge amount of in game shots soon plus they did confirm the production of Shenmue 3 in november 2001 plus keep in mind it looks like it was developed as a whole looks like development never stoped why would they. Okay some people have said Shenmue 2 in particular did not sell well but they said Shenmue was to contain 1 and 2 on launch in Japan in 1999 and that could of even contained the boat chapter Nio Sun chapter Lyoyang chapter the other Hong Kong looking chapter in Shenmue the Shenmue premiere video so it did sell well as it was going to contain both chapters, plus surely if it was going to be released on Saturn i wouldn't think there expectations would be as high as some have said, plus they did get money from releasing the movie of Shenmue 1 in Japan in theatres so that made some money and by the looks of the total budget spent i believe Shenmue 1 and 2 costed 20 million to make as there was a huge production team thus equaling the quality of the games, it was said Shenmue the entire project costed Sega 70 million, at Geo sites 2000, so there could be another 50 million dollars worth left or even way more to go cant wait. Thanks everyone for your usefull replies any other ways to connect Bios folder to Chankast folder?thankyou.
  5. Yes i have unziped it but how do you connect it to Chankast maybe by archiving it somehow. Each time i use Chankast it says cant read dc_bios.bin ,can someone please help thankyou.thanks for your welcome and usefull replies.
  6. Thanks for the reply can you please help me on this too once i get the Bios how do i put it into the Chankast folder, maybe by copying or by copying to cd recordable then copying to the Chankast folder. I dont know how to copy can some one please help, thankyou.
  7. Hello i am new here can some one please tell me where to download Dreamcast bios. And how to make it work wiith Chankast i have original Dreamcast games and machine but my machine doesn't work.thankyou.
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