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  1. Harris286

    ARCADE64 0.230

    I want to report I have issues using v0.230 like other users already said. Problem here is it doesn't save Custom Filter.
  2. Harris286

    ARCADE64 0.229

    Hello I have been using this emulator version of mame for a long time I think it is the best there is in terms of arcade machine emulation There are some things I wanted to comment on: You say on your website: NO poker, fruit, slot or gambling games... look: https://subefotos.com/ver/?8ea12d9b2e779c972bee51351ee49927o.png https://subefotos.com/ver/?683acba1d38b4be683a19aad956d79f5o.png This has happened to me for a long time: When I download the arcade 229 (clean installation) and move the right snapshot window to the left, when I close the program it freezes. And when I open it again it has the factory settings. I have the fonts in 115% size because if it does not look very small the letters The arcade title comes out too small The title of Arcade, it looks smaller than the box that contains it Before , i used BGFX video mode, and crt-geom (Like TV CRT) and work all games,but now not working games CHD like MACH3 ,only work in video mode AUTO. i have last version windows 10 pro , i7 4790, 16 gb ram monitor 21:9 , 2560x1080 pixels
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