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  1. Awesome Now this works again as well. I also let my script run again to run all the single set tests with -rc and everything is OK now. Really great man, thank you so much
  2. I have no real problem with that. I can work with the stdout.txt fine. Just wanted to mention, that output from stuff like -listinfo and so on also redirects to the stdout.txt. I don't mind sticking with it, it's absolutely fine, if that saves you work.
  3. I can confirm that the rcf now works in 0.91.8 as intented. There are no errors anymore and bubboblr1 loads fine. Sadly I have discovered another issue, which I think is only kind of a forgotten debug flag or something: Every output from the cli is redirected to stdout.txt instead of the real stdout, so I cannot redirect stdout to my own file and append the output. This is how I tested -rc for all files. I guess this is easy to fix, but as everything seems to work fine now, there is no need to hurry Thank you so much, great work.
  4. That's awesome. You are really fast, thank you so much. I will recheck everything with the next version and will report back here.
  5. Hi again. I have just tested the 0.91.7 and can say, that the points 2 and 3 are now working But sadly I have discovered something new when checking the romset pang3: rom:pa3_11.11f size:0x00008000 crc32:0xcb1423a2 -- bad size: 0x00020000 (8000) rom:pa3_11.11f size:0x00018000 crc32:0xcb1423a2 -- bad size: 0x00020000 (18000) It loads fine, but -rc as well as -rcf report the same bad size despite the rom size matches the value in -listinfo. The rom itself contains only FF from offset 5BA8 on, so I guess it is somewhat overdumped and Raine's report is correct. Maybe we just have to find out the correct size and I cut the overdumped stuff from the file then. Thank you so much again and please don't misinterpret my reportings, I really only want to help and make Raine even better.
  6. Excellent. Thanks for your great work, very much appreciated. Longing for the next version then
  7. Sounds great, man. Much appreciated For the first point: If the file is named "bubbobr1.zip" I can load and run it fine by typing "raine bubboblr1" despite the "l" is omitted in the filename. But adding the "l" to match the set name it tries to download the files from anywhere on the net (which didn't work as I had no internet connection). It even told me that it is looking for various filenames, as for example "bubbobr1.zip", but not "bubboblr1.zip". I didn't try loading it from the UI, but I can do on Monday and report back if that helps. Btw my collection consists of split sets and every other set reported OK by testing with -rc via a script (ok, ignoring the bad crc in sf2m8 now ^^) Thanks for the great work and go on with it 😃
  8. Hi, I would just like to report 3 bugs in Raine 0.91.6: 1. The romset "bubboblr1" is not loaded correctly. Raine looks for the filename "bubbobr1" instead and it works actually if the file is renamed. 2. The second issue is with "sf2m8". It loads fine, but the romcheck reports a bad size of one rom, although the size is the same as in the -listinfo rom:yyc-9.8 size:0x00010000 crc32:0x155824a9 -- bad size: 0x00020000 3. The -rfc switch reports many BAD crcs although the roms are correct and checking them directly with -rc reports them as OK. Thanks and best regards.
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