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  1. Hello... seem that arcade64 didn't use properly the screen option in mame.ini. it work for the game to load, but arcade64 didn't boot on the right screen (it always boot on the primary screen) for example with this in my mame.ini, teh official mame boot on the 3rd screen, but arcade64 boot on the primary screen # # OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS # screen \\.\DISPLAY3 aspect auto resolution auto view auto screen0 \\.\DISPLAY3 aspect0 auto resolution0 auto view0 pixel screen1 \\.\DISPLAY3 aspect1 auto resolution1 auto view1 auto screen2 \\.\DISPLAY3 aspect2 auto resolution2 auto view2 auto screen3 \\.\DISPLAY3 aspect3 auto resolution3 auto view3 auto
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