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  1. No, HBMAME is a big museum dedicated to the HomeBrew and Hacks is so must remain, ARCADE PLUS will limit itself to collecting some hacks, few, in particular Hidden Characters and unofficial fixed version. For example maximum 300 or 400 roms but no more! This is a unique build of ARCADE with hack additions thought also for the CABINET situation (artisanal cabinet, bartop, mini-cab) A single executable that executes also some hacks, the best, the most important!!! This is what i want to do, initially i need a little help for creating driver clones to write hack versions, in particular as a priority the neogeodecrypted driver similar to MAME Plus! v0.168 I want to convert the decrypted neogeo clones into parent decryted roms, so as to host the most important hack clones which derives from these dump versions. I already have clear ideas, what hat i need is a little help, after all I will do it myself.
  2. Sorry Robert, sometimes i have spoken bad of HBMAME because he is not able to emulate correctly the hacks of the neogeo system, in particular there are many hacks of The King of Fighters that crash, have bugs and glitches but it is not your fault, the Chinese hackers will they know more than the devil! I need help only in the creation of some blank drivers and neogeodecrypted driver. I need the addition of all NeoGeo decrypted roms in ARCADE src like MAME PLUS that have separate neogeodecrypted driver. I need a little help, please! One thing you do not remember, Art of Fighting Hidden Characters/Boss Hack work in old MAME/MAME Plus! version up to v0.98, from v0.99 the game crashes up to the current version when using the two bosses Mr. Big and Mr. Karate, only Houba Plus! Plus! v0.125 have solved this bug, miraculously does not crash in this strange compilation. Art of Fighting Hidden Characters/Boss Hack work without crash from the old MAME/MAME Plus! versions up to v0.98, crashes in MAME Plus! v0.168 and in the current HBMAME. This is because there are hacks that run better on older versions and other hacks that work better now in the recent versions.
  3. I request the consent of being able to develop ARCADE PLUS, a new ARCADE variant with the addition of the best hacks. Obviously this does not lack respect to HBMAME which is a great museum dedicated to HomeBrew and Hack. ARCADE PLUS will limit itself to collecting some hacks, the most important hacks will be selected and added: hidden characters and boss hacks, for example about 300 additional hack versions. To explain myself better, i give an example: in HBMAME if there are over 600 hacks of "The King of Fighters '97" , only 10 hacks will be selected and added in ARCADE PLUS. So few, only the best. To do this i need help, as a priority i need the introduction of the decrypted roms of the NeoGeo system (neogeodecrypted driver) These roms are important, they cannot be missing on ARCADE PLUS. Obviously I speak of the pure decrypted version, not the hack clones generated from this version. I need empty drivers to write here the hack versions, so as to manage separately the drivers dedicated to the hack versions. This facilitates the updating of the status of the roms based on the updates of the official ARCADE. It is possible to create a small team that collaborates in the development of ARCADE PLUS, always in the highest respect of ARCADE official build. Best regards by MasterStiller
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